Executing an action in a process results a response. This is regardless of whether the action is performed manually by the user of automatically by the node.

Sending a response

Sending a response must be done by adding an event with a response resource to the event chain.

process: 234jashaj3ljk34jkala
action: request_quote
response: ok
  name: John Doe
  product: kettle washed jeans
  quantity: 700

Response schema


The Live Contracts response JSON schema URI that describes the JSON structure of the response.


The process id or process as object. If the process is an object, only the id property is used and the rest is ignored.


The key of the action that was performed.


The key of the response defined by the action. This property may be omitted, defaulting to ok.


The response data. What is expected depends on the action, specifically on the update instruction.

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